Signs & Wonders


Regulatory Signs

Keep people informed and safe with regulatory signs. Choose from a wide range of traffic, safety signs.


Labels & Decals

Made-to-order in virtually any size, shape and quantity, labels and decals can be made.


Neon Signs

Make a bright and colorful impression with
illuminated signs.


Way finding signs

Signs that appear on, around or inside physical facilities. Help you identify your property.



SIGNEXCEL services

Attracting customers to a business is vital to ensure a sale. Since many businesses are in competition for the same customers, making your location stand out will allow existing customers to easily locate your place of business while helping attract a new customer base.

One of the best ways to make this goal possible is by displaying high-quality, outdoor signage. SIGNEXCEL knows what it takes to help businesses attract customers to their retail or office operation.

If a business operates during the evening hours, SIGN EXCEL can create eye-catching, brightly-colored signs. Whether located in Ajman or Dubai neon signs can be as basic as standard “open and closed” operational signs to logo-inspired advertising signs. Daytime restaurant, shop and other related businesses can take advantage of SIGN EXCEL’s neon signs to help set the location’s mood or provide a retro dining atmosphere.


Sign configurations vary and can include signs with easy-grip, molded handles, customized graphics, displayed business logos and interchangeable sign inserts.

Our specialization among the custom fabrication includes:

- Shop-front Signs
- Office & Door Signs
- Way finding Signs
- Dimensional Logos
- Interior Poster Display Systems
- Health and Safety Signs/ Traffic Signs
- Flex-Face Signs/Pylon Signs
- Fleet Branding
- LED Signs/ Banners
- 3-D Channel letters in various metals and many more...